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Welcome to the new FS2Crew Forum!

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  • Welcome to the new FS2Crew Forum!

    FS2Crew Friends,

    Welcome to the new FS2Crew forum!

    I know, we've been at Avsim for a long time and we have a very long history there, but it was time for a change and a new beginning!

    Also, with so many new FS2Crew products coming on-line for MSFS, we really felt it was important to have more control over our ability to easily create new sub-forums without having to pester the Avsim admin staff to do all the work for us!

    I know forums are dying in a way as the younger generation of simmers are bringing in new styles and tastes. Indeed, our Discord Channel is much, much more active than our forums.

    However, we find that delivering support is still far easier via traditional forums than via Discord, so that's why we're keeping our forums alive (especially for those of us who are getting advanced in years who still prefer the "old way" of doing things! )

    At any rate, welcome to our new forum!

    We hope you like it!
    B. York
    FS2Crew Developer

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    I really appreciate your amazing service and fast helpful replies 👍 I switched now from avsim to this forum. Can say, all answers and informations from you and other members helped me a lot to make my system running with the FS2Crew Products and msfs. Thanks for making flightsim more immersive 👏🛫
    happy flights, bye Toby