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Aeresoft Professional A318-321 Crash when RAAS is installed

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  • Aeresoft Professional A318-321 Crash when RAAS is installed


    I am just wondering if someone can suggest a fix for this issue.

    I have installed the Aerosoft Professional A318-321 (Legitimate Copy) into P3D v 5.3 Hotfix 2 and every time that I Load up the sim P3D shuts down at the splash screen. I thought it was the aircraft at first and uninstalled and did a clean install and the same thing happened, so I worked backwards and uninstalled RAAS (Locked) and the sim loads up fine and I am able to load and fly a flight. I have contacted Aerosoft regarding this issue and in typical Aerosoft fashion they have said there is no issue on their end and since the faulting engine is RAAS then I should contact FS2CREW hence this post.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly,
    Angelo H

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    It's probably this:

    Problem: I'm using P3D V4 (or later) and I'm having issues, including CTDs. In fact, P3D V4 won't load anymore.


    P3D V4 / V5 is a 64 bit app and you probably have an old 32 bit version of Microsoft Office on your system. Please upgrade to a 64 bit version of Microsoft Office. Uninstall the old 32 bit version of the "AccessDatabaseEngine" used by the old version of Office. The 32 bit version of the "AccessDatabaseEngine" is the problem. You need the 64 bit version.

    If you don't have Office installed, do a file search on your system for "AccessDatabaseEngine".

    You very likely have an old 32 bit version on your system. Uninstall it!
    B. York
    FS2Crew Developer


    • A_Hatz1993
      A_Hatz1993 commented
      Editing a comment

      Thank you for your prompt reply.
      I have used the solution that you have posted and all is working well!

      Thank you,